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The Company

Zona de Actividades Logísticas de Asturias

The Company

The company

Zalia, S.A. is a publicly owned company set up in 2005 as an instrument to carry out one of the greatest strategic projects for Asturias in the future: to position the Principality as the central axis of the Atlantic Arc by boosting logistics as the key to competitiveness.

This aspiration has become a reality with the construction of a large logistics and industrial platform of 700,000 square metres in its initial phase being currently marketed. Up to other three phases are expected to be developed in the future. The aim is to establish a defined framework where companies may join efforts, share areas and ideas, optimize resources, cooperate and achieve the common challenge of incorporating Asturias into the logistic network of the Iberian Peninsula.

Board of directors

President: Juan Cofiño González

Vice president: Laureano Lourido Artime.

Vowels: David González Fernández, Arantza Fernández Páramo, Jorge García López, Ángela Pumariega Menéndez, Manuel A. Campa Menéndez, Santiago Rodríguez Vega, Jose Manuel del Arco de Sousa, Jose Ramón Muñoz-Calero García.

Secretary not counselor: Jaime Rojo García-Conde.

Estructura accionarial


40% Principado de Asturias

30% Autoridad portuaria de Gijón

15% Autoridad portuaria de Avilés

10% Ayuntamiento de Gijón

5% Ayuntamiento de Avilés

Estructura accionarial

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Puerto de El Musel s/n

Edificio Centro de empresas Portuarias


33212 Gijón, Asturias

Tel . (+34) 985 178 898