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Corporate values and governance

Valores corporativos de la Zalia


Corporate Governance

We are going to turn each action into an opportunity to show our commitment to citizens, entities, companies and, ultimately, to the society as a whole. We are convinced that every step we make will give us a chance to gain their trust.

Zalia regards the corporate social responsibility as a short and long-term investment that leads the company to the highest standards. Within this strategic approach, we define two great courses of action when beginning our activity: social and environmental.



Regarding the social area, Zalia specifically determines that innovation must be one of the keys to develop its expectations of becoming a leading logistics platform for the European Atlantic Arc.

Innovation has a medium and long-term strategic value for us, so our commitment to technological innovation will be one of the strategic goals of our commitment to the society and to companies. In this regard, we will boost and take part in projects and initiatives that mean improving innovation in our relevant sector and in other directly related ones.


The protection and respect for the environment will benefit our surroundings. In this respect and as we have already proved, we show the highest commitment to respect the environment in every task we carry out and especially in those involving direct decision-making. Therefore, we are willing to encourage projects and initiatives meaning improving our environmental reality.

Global Compact

Zalia, together with other international companies, agrees to the principles stated in the United Nations "Global Compact"

Global Compact Principles website

Corporate Values

Innovation and quality

Our development, design and creativity capacity results in betting on permanent innovation in order to achieve the highest quality standards.


Our vocation is to develop an environmentally friendly project by investing on energy efficiency and by defining a long-term environmental recovery.

Competitiveness, ability and efficiency

The only way to guarantee the future is by designing competitive approaches, working to become the most skilful and competitive of all and by generating profits to our customers and stockholders.

Commitment and leadership

Commitment creates tangible results and profits. We commit ourselves to our customers, our suppliers and the society so we all together lead this processing company.

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