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Zalia en el corazón de Asturias

Intermodality as the key to development



Logistics and intermodality are two closely-related concepts so that it is quite hard to talk about one without making any reference or even thinking about the other.

From the point of view of intermodality, ZALIA enjoys a really special location, between two state ports, Gijón y Avilés. The former is regarded as a modal port within the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), located just 7 km away from it.

Besides its area is crossed by Madrid-Gijón railway which is part of the Atlantic axis, Corridor No9 of the TEN-T basic European network.

The A-8 Cantabrian Highway, which is also part of the basic European network, runs adjacent to it.







Both ports, Gijón and Avilés, have road and railway connections to ensure maritime-road modal transfer. The consolidation of modal transfer between the two road transport types (road and railway) will be achieved through an intermodal station located within Zalia. The INTERZALIA project, whose special plan has been already approved, regards this equipment as the key to ensure its intermodal logistics nature.

This station will be boosting the interaction among the different logistics junctions and the development of Asturian ports by allowing the settlement of logistics operators who can attract new traffics and intensive industrial activities related to maritime traffic thus having a positive impact on the economy of the region.


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