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Location and Communications

Zalia en el corazón de Asturias


The multimodal platform in the heart of Asturias.

ZALIA is located in the heart of Asturias, at the road junction of the Cantábrico Highway (A-8) and the Silver Route (A-66) in the municipality of Gijón. This area of more than 400 hectares is linked to the Ports of Gijón and Avilés via railway and high-capacity roads.

Location is particularly one of the strengths of this project aimed at establishing a logistics and industrial activity area in Asturias. San Andrés de los Tacones (Gijón) was arranged as a huge communication junction in the heart of the region due to its proximity to Ranón Airport and to the Port of Avilés and El Musel Port of Gijón which can be reached via railway and high-capacity roads.

Zalia will therefore constitute a defined framework where companies will count on an added value being this consolidated industrial area with unbeatable logistics services which will lead to an increase in supply chain efficiency and the flow of goods by enabling air, road and maritime links and reducing costs.

This strategic location together with heavy investments in new infrastructures will make it possible to connect Zalia to the world and turn it into the great logistics platform of northwest Spain fully integrated into the worldwide transport and distribution network as the central axis of the Atlantic Arc.

Location of the Logistics and Industrial Activity Area of Asturias (ZALIA).

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Edificio Servicios Logísticos,1 buzón 15

Puerto El Musel s/n

33212 Gijón - Asturias


Tel . (+34) 985 178 898