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Legal Notices

Legal notices

General terms and conditions governing use of the web site

1.- Introduction.

The purpose of this notice is to set out the rules governing the use of the web site (hereafter, the “Web Site”) and protection of the data contained therein. The term “Web Site” is understood to refer to all the pages and content owned by ZONA DE ACTIVIDADES LOGÍSTICAS E INDUSTRIALES DE ASTURIAS, S.A to which users gain access via the domain address and secondary domains.

ZONA DE ACTIVIDADES LOGÍSTICAS E INDUSTRIALES DE ASTURIAS, S.A., intends to use this Web Site to inform its clients of any service it deems appropriate in the dutiful pursuit of its corporate object.

When using this web site and all the services made available herein, users fully and unreservedly accept each and every one of the general terms and conditions set out in this Legal Notice (hereafter, the “General Terms and Conditions”), and the user must therefore be aware of the importance of reading them each time he or she visits the Web Site. The act of accessing this Web Site implies the user’s acknowledgement and acceptance of the following General Terms and Conditions, and ZONA DE ACTIVIDADES LOGÍSTICAS E INDUSTRIALES DE ASTURIAS, S.A., therefore recommends that the user download them and read them carefully each time he or she accesses the Web Site.

2.- General information.

The owner of this Web Site is ZONA DE ACTIVIDADES LOGÍSTICAS E INDUSTRIALES DE ASTURIAS, S.A, with registered address in Gijón at Puerto El Musel, Edificio de Servicios Múltiples s/n; telephone +34 985-178-898; e-mail:; entered at Asturias Mercantile Registry, Volume 3376, Sheet 30, Page number AS-32812, with Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) A-33.924.820 (hereafter, “ZALIA”).

3.- Use of the Web Site.

In accepting these General Terms and Conditions, users undertake to use this Web Site and the services made available herein in the manner and form set out in the Web Site itself. They undertake not to use this Web Site or its services in ways that are illegal and/or contrary to the aims set out in these General Terms and Conditions, or that could harm the rights and/or interests of third parties, or that could in any way damage this Web Site or prevent its correct operation or impede the services offered herein either now or in the future.

4.- Extent of the Web Site. User liability.

This Web Site only includes those pages that are listed in the site map published at

Users are solely and exclusively responsible for accessing the Web Site, and any risk that may arise from their use of the Web Site shall be their sole and exclusive responsibility. ZALIA does not guarantee: (i) the infallibility, availability, permanence, absence of defects or security of the Web Site; (ii) that the contents of the Web Site or the information that it carries are free from any viruses or other harmful elements, or from errors, omissions or inaccuracies; or (iii) the privacy or safety of the use of the Web Site by its users.

ZALIA shall not be liable for any potential damage that may be caused to the operational capabilities of this electronic system by any interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, broken telephone lines or disconnections occurring for reasons beyond ZALIA‘s control, or for any delay or block on using this present electronic system caused by problems or overloads at its Data Processing Centre, the telephone lines, the Internet or any other electronic system; nor shall it be liable for any damage caused by third parties as a result of illegal interference that is beyond the control of ZALIA. Likewise, it shall release ZALIA from liability for any damage that may be suffered by the user as the result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by ZALIA, provided that it comes from outside sources.

Mere access to this Web Site does not imply the establishment of any kind of relationship of a commercial nature between ZALIA and the user.

5.- Updating and modifying the information.

The information contained on this Web Site is valid as of the date on which it was last updated. ZALIA reserves the right to update, modify or remove information from this Web Site, and it may also restrict or prevent access hereto.

ZALIA herein reserves the right to make any changes or modifications it deems appropriate, with the capacity to make use of this right at any time, without prior notice.

6.- Content.

ZALIA takes the greatest care to avoid the inclusion of errors in the content appearing on this Web Site. ZALIA shall not guarantee or be liable for any consequence that may result from errors in the content provided by third parties for publication on this Web Site.

ZALIA shall not be liable in any way for the content, commercial activities, products or services that can be accessed via electronic links, where and when such links are provided directly or indirectly via this Web Site. Unless expressly otherwise stated, links are only included on the ZALIA Web Site for information purposes, and they shall not under any circumstances represent a suggestion, invitation or recommendation in respect of such links. These links do not constitute any form of relationship between ZALIA and the companies or individuals that own the web sites accessed via such links. ZALIA reserves the right to withdraw any links that appear on its Web Site, unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice.

ZALIA reserves the right to prevent or prohibit access to the Web Site by any Internet user who introduces any content that contravenes the law or moral decency onto this Web Site, and it hereby reserves the right to take the legal action it deems appropriate in order to prevent such behaviour.

7.- Surfing, access and security.

ZALIA shall employ its best efforts to ensure that users are able to surf the Web Site under the most favourable conditions and to prevent damage of any kind being caused to users while surfing the Web Site.

This Web Site has been designed to support the current web browsers and it is based on W3C standards. ZALIA shall not be liable for damage of any kind caused to users as a result of their use of other web browsers for which this Web Site has been designed.

Access to transaction services and all other processes that include the collection of personal data is made in a secure environment using the SSL protocol.

ZALIA does not undertake or guarantee that access to this Web Site will be uninterrupted or free from error, nor does it undertake or guarantee that the contents or software accessed via this Web Site will be free from faults or may not cause damage. ZALIA shall not under any circumstances be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from access to this Web Site or the use thereof, including (though not limited to) any loss or damage caused to IT systems or any loss or damage resulting from the introduction of a virus. ZALIA shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to users due to their own improper use of this Web Site. In particular, it shall not under any circumstances be liable for any telecommunications breakdown, interruption, failure or fault that may occur.

The services offered on this Web Site can only be used correctly if the technical specifications to which they have been designed are observed.

8.- Data protection.

ZALIA hereby informs users of the Web Site that ZALIA respects the legislation currently in force in respect of personal data protection, and to this end has adopted the technical and organisational measures required in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration or theft of any personal data given via the Web Site, where applicable, or any unauthorised access to such data, bearing in mind current technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which it is exposed.

ZALIA hereby informs users of the Web Site that their personal data may only be obtained for processing when this is appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in view of the circumstances and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which it was collected. The said data will be deleted when it is no longer required or relevant to this end, or when the owner of the data in question requests that it be deleted in the exercise of his or her right of deletion.

ZALIA hereby states that all data provided by the user via this Web Site will be subject to computerised processing and will be included in a file for which ZALIA shall be responsible. ZALIA also warrants that it is entirely responsible for the said file, which is kept at ZALIA’s registered office and has been duly entered in the Data Protection Agency’s General Register.

Users who provide personal data via the Web Site offer their unequivocal consent to the inclusion of their data in the file and its computerised processing, so that it may be used by ZALIA for profiling, operational and statistical purposes and for the activities set out in the company’s corporate object. Users expressly authorise ZALIA to extract and store data and engage in market studies in order to match the company’s business to individual user profiles.

ZALIA herein informs users that they may exercise their rights of access to the files and rectify, remove or challenge the data contained therein under the terms set out in current Data Protection legislation. Likewise, users’ consent for the processing and forwarding of their personal data shall be irrevocable at all times, without any retroactive effect, pursuant to the contents of Articles 6 and 11 of Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15 of 13 December 1999. To this end, it will be sufficient for users to submit their request for the aforementioned rectification, removal or challenge to the addresses set out in section 2 of this present Legal Notice.

ZALIA hereby gives notice that users of the Web Site shall be solely liable for completing any of the forms that may be carried on the Web Site using false, inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information.

In the event that users of this Web Site are obliged to give their e-mail address in order to gain access to any of the services offered, they may state that they do not wish to receive any kind of communication sent by ZALIA, provided that such communications do not strictly relate to the purposes for which the service was requested. ZALIA offers the appropriate mechanisms to users who have signed up to some form of mailing list via this Web Site in order to allow them to de-register.

9.- Use of cookies.

Access to this Web Site may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small chunks of information that are stored on the browser used by each user and that allow the server to remember certain information which can subsequently only be read by the server that planted them. Cookies generally have a limited life span. No cookie allows contact to be made via the user’s telephone number or e-mail address or via any other form of contact. No cookie can take information from the user’s hard disk or steal personal information. The only way that a user’s private information can be included in the cookie file is when the user personally gives this information to the server. Users who do not wish to receive cookies or who wish to be informed that cookies are being planted may configure their web browsers to this end.

10.- Intellectual property and copyright.

ZALIA hereby states that, unless otherwise indicated on this Web Site, all text, pictures, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, sound clips and other material found on the Web Site, along with any other intellectual creations and/or inventions or scientific or technical discoveries, whatever their corporate or industrial application (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Content”), have been created or invented by ZALIA, or assigned, licensed, transferred or authorised for use by ZALIA by the original owner and/or assignee.

Users undertake not to remove or alter any of the distinctive marks used on the Web Site, such as (though not restricted to) trade marks, trading names (graphics, logos, etc), copyright marks and other data identifying the rights of ZALIA or third party owners that may be included on the Web Site.

ZALIA also owns all rights to any work, invention, discovery, patent, idea, concept, update and improvement relating to the Web Site, its systems, applications and programmes, and to any services offered by ZALIA which have been created, implemented, developed or put into practice for the first time by ZALIA, either directly or with the help of users of the Web Site, during the course or as a result of some design, development or other work carried out under the terms of the Agreement.

Users may not use the name, trade marks, symbols, logos or distinguishing marks owned by ZALIA without ZALIA’s express written consent.

Internet users who access the Web Site may view the information contained therein and download or copy it privately onto their own computer systems, provided that the items reproduced are not subsequently forwarded to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or to a local network. Notwithstanding the contents of these General Terms and Conditions, the distribution, modification, assignment, public broadcast, reproduction and any other use of all or part of the information published on this Web Site shall not be permitted without ZALIA’s prior authorisation. In the event that any user or third party believes that some of the content published on the Web Site involves an infringement of copyright or a breach of other intellectual property rights, we ask that they inform us at any of the addresses listed in section 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

11.- Jurisdiction and applicable law.

The user regulations set out in this present Legal Notice are governed by Spanish law. Both ZALIA and users of the Web Site agree that any dispute that may arise in relation to compliance with and the interpretation and/or performance of these regulations shall be expressly submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Gijón, and they expressly waive any other jurisdictional right to which they may be entitled.

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